Sunday, September 16, 2007

How to Bypass Vista Parental Controls

There are several ways to bypass Vista parental controls and the following list is just a few ways which will help you defeat or get around those annoying filters and pointless parental controls.

Use a Proxy
This method has been used for ages and it still works just as well as ever. If all you need to do is bypass the web filter on windows vista then a proxy is definitely the way to go. Simply do a search on Google for proxy sites (and believe me you can find thousands) and once you find one thats not blocked just use it to browse the web without restriction.

Boot from a live Linux CD/DVD/USB removable drive
You can find tons of free live Linux CD's which allow you to run a Linux OS straight off a CD, DVD, or USB without installing anything to your computer. Obviously if your running an entirely different OS which leaves no trace on your computer after you remove the CD/DVD/USB you don't have to worry about Internet filters or being tracked. If you're not familiar with how to use Linux then I suggest checking out "Zorin OS" which is a free Linux distribution that looks and feels just like windows. You can download it at

Hack The Password
Ultimately the best way around parental controls is to just completely disable them. But to do this you'll need the administrator password. Fortunately hacking the password on windows Vista is a fairly simple process.

Step 1: Go to select Vista and download the ISO. After the download is complete burn the ISO to a CD.

Step 2: Restart your computer (with the CD in) and your computer should now boot from the live CD into a Linux environment.

Step 3: Ophcrack will automatically run as soon as the CD boots and now all you need to do is wait until Ophcrack has completely finished cracking the computer password(s). This process will take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours depending on the strength of the password used to protect the computer.
screen shot

Step 4: Finally now that you know the computer password; reboot the computer, eject the CD and enter in the password.

That's it! Now you'll have complete access to everything on the computer and you can go ahead and remove parental controls or do whatever you'd like.

Remote Control Another Computer
This option is great because it allows you to do pretty much anything you want and if your parent walks in the room all you have do is minimize your browser and you'll be ok. There is one major drawback though, this method requires that you have a non-parental controlled computer connected to the Internet at all times. So pretty much the only way to make this work is to either find a friend who doesn't mind you taking control over their computer whenever you need, or buy a cheap pc from a garage sale and then hide it somewhere your parents wont find (which is also fairly difficult because, remember, you have to have it running and connected to the web at all times). But if you are successful at finding a PC you can use then what you need to do is install some remote control software on that pc; I suggest either using the free software from or from Both and allow you to access the pc you install it on from any web enabled computer.

The previous suggestions were just a few ways to beat Windows Vista parental controls but if any one knows of other ways to get around Windows Vista parental controls make sure to leave a comment describing how, and I will add it to this post. Note: please don't leave suggestions like how to trick your parents into giving you a password or ideas like reformatting the hard -drive and reinstalling. I only want suggestions that would work for anyone and that don't risk damaging or destroying data.


Anonymous said...

i got administrative access for a few minutes while my dad left the room and i managed to change the magnify exe in the system 32 folder with a renammed cmd exe which allows me to opeb command promp on the loggin menue throu the button on the lower right hand corner with command prompt you can activate the built in administrator which is by default deactivated or you can launch explorer.exe which brings up a task bar start menu and desk top but you cant use another instance of windows explorer if you use this method. You could probably also alter these files by booting up with a lenux disk and altering the files there i havent tried it but it should work

Anonymous said...

A good proxy site to use it, I have medium restricyions, and it's working fine for me...

missnocyber said...

Anyone try a simple keylogger? If I send a keylogger, and she tells her father it is a school blah blah thing, and then she installs, wouldnt that be easier? then she lears his password and she is good to go from there, and can talk to me without my ex seeing everything?

please reply:

Anonymous said...

If you don't have access even for a short while to the box with admin privileges then have a look at, either buy a hardware keylogger or make one if you got some electronics skills, they also explain how. If you get your hands on the computer while mom/dad/sister/boss/bank employee is not paying attention then.. well a software keylogger would do just fine, and mail you the results too :) so many out there - but beware, you might get a virus or something.
Better write your own, it'll be such a joy to get the password using your own nicely crafted tool :D It takes about a month if one has no ideea about C, but knows at least the basics of programming languages.
Or if the problem is with mom or dad, get your own damn computer, and move in another state while you're at it :)) I'm kidding with the moving part.. erm.. and then again it's not such a bad ideea.

Anonymous said...

You can try getting a shredder and manually override the disk space that the software is on, or simply get a linux/windows disk and install it on another hard disk then reformat the previous one.

stured said...

Does vista have 'safe mode'? becuase generaly with multi user systems if you boot in safe mode theres an administrator without password. then simply turn off the parental controls...or give you admin privlages..

Anonymous said...

all admins have passwords in safe mode

Anonymous said...

Hi, i u guys have realised u cannot use a proxy on youtube the site will come but the video will not appear, does anyone know why!!!

Anonymous said...

u cant view videos because while the proxy pulls up the page, the page is then linking DIRECTLY to the video.. which is blocked. unfortunatly i havent found a way past this.

Anonymous said...

ok, guys use
always works fine for me, but sometimes my problem is applications,
and without modifying settings, the only way i found so far was to use linux cd, whic you guys advised, so does it run freely without asking administrator's permission???

Anonymous said...

hey guys and gals i found a VERY simple way around time restrictions. when the computer boots up press the key (usually delete) that brings up the setup menu, then go into the first menu you see it will say something like CMOS settings or CMOS date/time something like that.. anyways just use that to change the time on the computer and save it (don't forget to turn it back though!). You're welcome

Anonymous said...

Help!!!!!!!! what do i do my dad gave me a laptop, and i have parental controls set on the highest setting, and my dad was to stupid to make a admin, so when it asks me to put the admin password in the password box, the password box doesnt work!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

computer kid. my dad has the admin account and i want to run programs that he wouldnt approve of. every time i want to run a program a box appears asking for my dads password. is there any thing i can do to bypass this? my email is

Anonymous said...

umm what if the parental controls dont allow you to download any thing

dont you think u would be totaly screwed

Anonymous said...

ummm. no i am allowed to do everything on the computer accept run programs and install stuff.

Anonymous said...

Here me youthful peoples of Vista.
I bare unto thou thy solution to all thous problems.

Go to the command prompt in the start menu, right-click and select "run as administrator". Now type in the following:
Type exactly that (although not in CAPS works too), then log off and on the welcome screen, you will see a new account. This is the almighty Hidden Superadmin account and it shouldn't have a password yet. You might want to add one. It has total control over all accounts, including Admins.

This hack will not work if you are not allowed to run programs as an Admin, although a few careless seconds alone with an admin account will fix that.

Once you have finished, you may want to enter this command in the Admin command prompt to avoid detection by parents:

I'm still working on a patch for the flaw.

Brett said...

Thank you, but i tried that and it said error 5 access is denied and i still cant run programs. could you please help?

Anonymous said...

i recieve the same error 5 because i cannot run as administrator, so what do i do am trying to put starcraft on my laptop but my older brother is a pranoid freak n has it locked so i cant n he is too much of a homo to remove this retarded admin shit

any help would be greatly appreciated

Anonymous said...

I have every thing unblocked on this vista except for run as admin, is there something i could do useing notepad or legal cmd?

Anonymous said...

"Help!!!!!!!! what do i do my dad gave me a laptop, and i have parental controls set on the highest setting, and my dad was to stupid to make a admin, so when it asks me to put the admin password in the password box, the password box doesnt work!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So here's what you do:
While the computer is booting, hold down the F8 key. When the boot menu appears, select "Safe Mode". When it gets into Safe Mode you should be able to change the way users loog on and off in Control Panel. Set it to Type in Username and then reboot. Go back into safe mode and at the login prompt type "Administrator". Then you can go into user accounts in Control Panel and be able to change whatever you like.

Anonymous said...

someone mentioned this, but you can change the system time in the BIOS. Estimated 40 seconds to change back if under pressure.

Anonymous said...

If you can get admin access, run the command prompt and input:
sc config WPCSvc start= disabled

it disables parental controls

(you can also do it with admin mmc services)

open the services snapin

Anonymous said...

I have found a very very simple way around Parental C. blocking youtube. You simply go to any site that has a video embedded from youtube and click on the video and you are in! However, this does not work if a direct link is blocked in which case I have no idea! P.S. Does anyone know how to download stuff without those silly admin prompts because I know that my father means best but most of the time they are just really annoying!not using a proxy because they are very dangerous!

Matthew said...

yeah i've gotten access befor too, but i need a way, to crash into it and then coverup. anyone that can help write an internal exploit to crash parental controls?

Anonymous said...

hey i got a laptop for graduation and my fag parents parental controled it can you help me
iam 18 and this is B.S!! my email is PLEASE HELP!!!

Anonymous said...

that all sounds very great, but i see it, you need at least acces from the admin, or it's password, when you run as admin, you need it's password.

when you have to turn it off, you need a limit time on the account, like that you are faster clicking to it and turning your sound off.

you can try system recovery to the very first day but that doesn't work for me since the F11 button doesn't work on restart ...

this is all very annoying XD

so if more comes up, pls don't hesitate to tell, because i don't like being at 10 am all the time to be abe to go on a pc during ma parents holliday ... ( and i'm 21 ffs...)

Angel said...

If you have a time restriction, when you want to use your computer all you have to do is go into the BIOS and change the time. I have more details on my blog,

Anonymous said...

a question for anyone brave enough to answer it...

if your parents set up a filter/time limit/application restrictions, why do you want to hack them? *might* it be a good thing that your parents don't want you to watch porn videos and waste your life away on your stupid computer?

hmmmm... just wondering...

Anonymous said...

And if you are 18 or 21 and still living with your parents? Get a job you lazy phuck so you can move out and buy your own computer!!

Angel said...

I don't know. I just find the stuff and write about it. Microsoft has no way to monitor the BIOS. If you have a time based restriction, changing the BIOS time will let you bypass that restriction. by the way, I changed my blog name form Overclocking to Computer Stuff.

If for some reason you can't log in or you want to go to restricted website or you just want to run a certain restricted program, you can of course use command prompt. If you are even in the admin account, you can change the screen saver option so it opens a command prompt. (If you are in the admin account you don't just turn off your parental controls, thats too simple)

Then when you are on the login screen you just wait for about 5 minutes and you will have a command prompt.
Many parents put time restrictions.

Anonymous said...

just use ophcrack boot disk. it will scan for hashes and pull the password of all users. the freeware version only works for alphanumeric passwords so it can't find special characters without the updated tables.

Anonymous said...

I have a computer and whenever I try to play a game like Perfect World or Combat Arms, the computer always requires a password because it think the program is 'unsafe' is there anyway to bypas this because if there was it would be the best fricking thing ever.

PS: I am not a computer whiz


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are using Vista, you should mention that. You need the Administrator password or to use an administrator account. If you are your own administrator, then you know the password.

Anonymous said...

The first anomynous said: "i got administrative access for a few minutes while my dad left the room and i managed to change the magnify exe in the system 32 folder with a renammed cmd exe which allows me to opeb command promp on the loggin menue throu the button on the lower right hand corner with command prompt you can activate the built in administrator which is by default deactivated or you can launch explorer.exe which brings up a task bar start menu and desk top but you cant use another instance of windows explorer if you use this method. You could probably also alter these files by booting up with a lenux disk and altering the files there i havent tried it but it should work"

You are a genius!!! It works :D I love you(No homo)

justastic said...

im a techie sort of guy i hacked the Vancouver school district, i know windows inside and out but i have never had such a problem with parental controls, i had to use universal extractor to install firefox just so every time i go to myspace i dont get the stupid prompt at the top of IE if someone could tell me how to bypass it with out a bootable or admin password guessing that would be great, email me at

Anonymous said...

guys just go on

Anonymous said...

lol omg

is this the best this generation can come up with? You guys are truly way behind us generation X'ers. It isn' hard to lock a computer down to the point where a hacker wannabe will be totally powerless.

btw Justastic if you really hacked a school district you wouldn't be asking such a noob question here ;).

btw if your parents lock your punk A$$es down it is probably for a good reason.

Anonymous said...

What is your computer isn't allowed to download or install, has a set time to turn off and a certain time to be able to turn back on, how do I get around all those?

justastic said...

i know im asking such a stupid question i just wanted to see if anyone else was going further than i am; i found some software that hacks win xp and im trying to find out if it works with vista the website is here "" if anyone wanted to hack into an xp machine.

Manley's Blogs said...

My mom used to have AOL so I have parental control, but now we switched to DSL. even if they put like parental control on mine. I can just reinstall Windows and start over.

Anonymous said...

As a perent who set up controls for their porn addicted teenager, I thank all of you for letting me know the ways around the restrictions. Thank you. Now go to bed.

Ed said...

Note to parents: A lot of parents tend to walk away from the computer and forget to log out; this pretty much negates administrative privileges as any bright young person can make changes to their account restrictions, or, just use use your account and erase the histories.

A suggestion: create a separate Admin Account, do not give administrative privileges to any other account. Use this separate account to place the desired levels of activity restrictions and activity logging on the young person(s) account(s), while also putting activity logging on all adult accounts as well. Yes, this means that your account will not have special privileges.... and your account will be monitored by, but not restricted by the Admin account.

This way if you walk away from the computer and forget to log off, the separate admin account is still logging activities in a way that a simple erasing of the histories will cover up.

If your situation is severe enough, you may want to put yourself under similar restrictions as your young person. In which case you will have to input the admin password to get past the restrictions as they are applied during your use of the computer.

xboxlivegoldfree said...

For all parents, the safest way to prevent most, if not all the techniques listed here, just put a password on the BIOS. When your kid wants to use the computer, go and type in the password for them. You can even watch what they are doing this way, they can't get in without that password unless they disassemble the computer to remove the internal battery that stores BIOS information. (If they do that there is not restriction because they could also get themselves a new hard drive with an unprotected OS and do whatever they want that way.)

jmdenali said...

Thanks guys,

I've got a new foster kid coming soon, and now I'll just tell him that you're the reason there's no computer at all for him in the house! Thanks again, you've been a great help... An Old Guy.

Anonymous said...

look i can do everything except download... im a standard user with absoultly no way of getting any admin tinme... my email is HELP ME!!

Phil said...

how can i install things if i am a limited user? please help!

my e-mail is

Phil said...

Phil, you need to boot a different OS using a disk. There are some OS's that can boot from a disk without the need to install.

Anonymous said...

I cannot do anything on internet except visit certain websites on a list. I cant change this list, as i am not an admin, and i have no chance of admin access. what can i do plz help!

Anonymous said...

I cannot do anything on internet except visit certain websites on a list. I cant change this list, as i am not an admin, and i have no chance of admin access. what can i do plz help!

Anonymous said...

I cannot do anything on internet except visit certain websites on a list. I cant change this list, as i am not an admin, and i have no chance of admin access. what can i do plz help!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know why vista password protects against mmos like megaten and all the aeria games? if theres a way around it please let me know!!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I got administarve access so i changed myself to an administartor and the old administatr to a limited but i will getcaught is there a way i can make myself look like an limited and my parents an administaator I could give them back admin but they will see me as admin please i need help!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude above me (if I'm at the bottom) can you tell me how you got administrative access, if you did through a restricted account or if you bypassed the admin, that is. please email me:

Anonymous said...

to, i have the same question as the person above me.

Anonymous said...

Thank y'all sooooooo much! I tried a free key logger, and it worked!
Here's the trick for windows vista if it won't let you set up the keylogger program without an admin password:
-in your username:
1. download the keylogger
2. go to it (i downloaded mine to documents), right click and select extract all
3. right click on the new, extracted keylogger folder and select 'copy'
4. open the computer folder
5. (i have an hp pavillion so this is what it said for me, it'll probably be the same drive, C:, with a different name for you) Under hard disk drives, click on the one that says HP_PAVILLION(C:), has a microsoft window icon on it, and has a blue partially-filled bar to the right of it. on Users on public
8.right click and paste the keylogger folder into public
9.(optional step) right click the folder and rename it (lol. i named mine Anbu Black Ops b/c i knew my parents wouldn't bother looking at it. thanx naruto obsessed friends!)
10.(optional step)type a bunch of bogus word documents and save them in the renamed keylogger folder. to someone briefly glancing at the closed folder, it now looks like it only contains word documents.'s the sucky/tricky part. you have to wait for a user with admin privilages to leav thier account open. (i got my mom to use the computer for a couple minutes. she always forgets to log off/switch user.)
12.once you're in the other user's account, repeat steps 4-7.
13. click on the keylogger folder.
14. click on set up.
15. complete the set-up wizard and you're good to go.
16. remeber to set the keylogger on invisible mode/ hide it!!!
17. enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

Your parents ought to just disallow your asses from being on the CPU. Fix that. It's definitely a privilege and some of you brats have life fucked up.

Anonymous said...

yeah, get off my "CPU" you bratty kids. lol at least he didn't call it a hard drive like some of my users.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks guys,

I booted linux from a DVD and its awesome. Now i can watch all my favorite porn without anyone knowing about it. I reccomend guys

You Idiot Parents said...

To the douche bag parents who wish to tell us it is a privilege and to disconnect our asses, or that we just watch porn all day.

You are despicable. Falsely accusing our generation as a whole of being porn addicts, and blaming us for the reason why there's parental controls.

Let me tell you something. My mom set 24/7 time restrictions on my ass.

All because she got pissed off that I swerved while driving BECAUSE she hit my hand to get to the radio controls.

You Generation X people are senile people with fixations on trying to prove yourself right. And when you can't, you exercise bullshit parental controls to once again show how superior you are. How immature.

I payed for my 1 grand Gateway FX with the money from MY pocket. I ALSO pay for the internet service. It is not my 'priviledge' it is my hard earned right.
Also, I do NOT wish to hack parental controls to (as accused) watch porn. I wish to hack it cause i need to work on a project for a 1000 dollar contest.

yofuckinmomma said...

parental controls ftl oh and to all the gay parents fuck you... i don't wanna watch fuckin porn but wtf y the fuck does vista block EVERYTHING? i cant use youtube? fuck that..... its not a priviledge your dumbass birthed the kid into the fuckin world if you werent gonna let em have a lil fun you shoulda thought about birth control cause if i dont get atleast 4 hours on a computer once a week im runnin away jail is bttr then that shit

Anonymous said...

If you want to bypass VISTA INTERNET BLOCK, type int the address bar "", and choose secure tunnel from the list. Make sure to type HTTPS:// and not HTTP://

Anonymous said...

Also, if you can get a hold of puppy linux, it doesn't affect your computer at all.

Anonymous said...

It's realyy hilarious to see some of the comments on here.....As a genX'r, I vividly remember having similar BS with my parents/elders.....and now we Genx'rs have become said parents/elders giving the next generation the same excat BS all over again.....and guess another 10 yrs or more/less....these GenY'rs will be doing the same EXACT thing to their little GenZ'rz. Inevitable !

Anonymous said...

Wow okay, definitely annoyed that Vista is like a guard dog on speed and acid. Super secure, but crazy and overreactive.

And because I have a pet peeve for people with horrible arguments...
To those GenX'ers out there, no not everyone is here to watch porn. That would be the Biased Sample Fallacy, for anyone with brains around here. The rest of you might want to look it up. I for one have multiple classes that function roughly 70% of the time online, and parents who are so mad that they have to go up and input their password every few minutes, have just stopped. So now I am just stuck with nothing. Yeah, it's beautiful.

And also, to the guy above me. No I don't think us "GenY'ers" will end up just like you, because unlike you, my friends and I have learned not to make stupid assumptions like that. And that would be the Genetic Fallacy. Look it up. Maybe you could sit down with your kid and give him his options, your opinions, and actually let him live his life? If the worst my kid was doing was watching porn, well, I'd be happy. Keep the leash there for things like cocaine or gangs, not myspace...

Anonymous said...

Accuse them of child molestation.

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's an idea. If you can get access to the registry, there is an entry under the Parental Controls in the HKEY_LOCAL hive. It's in HKEY_LOCAL/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Parental Controls. It's called URLExempt. Any web addresses in here can not be blocked by WPC.

Anonymous said...

heey just a thought here...
couldnt you use,
notepad, and type

@echo off

and then type :
sc config WPCSvc start= disabled

and wouldnt that disable the security, or like one person said, couldnt some one, replace the perental control's EXE with a command promp exe ?

Anonymous said...

wtf!! why can't nobody find how to get through this stupid bullshit?? See The only way we can bypass this shit is if we actually get in the admin account and for some people ((THATS IMPOSSIBLE)) so think of a better way yall!! Use yall big ass brains & brainstorm of how we can bypass this shit ok?? oh and All i want to do is get on myspace and youtube and Idc about the rest!

tomo said...

If I Was You I would use rescorce hacker: it only needs Basic rights and you can wup parental controls on to your side, just google it and then it will come up, then just download it and open the app that you want to change don't forget, this application is not to be used to hack other computers; this program is for changing apps of your own purchase

PharohStrike said...

I put Parental Controls on my Parents besides it's called PARENTAL CONTROLS anyways. LOL

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

fact is, if your kids are searching for ways to defeat your parental controls, there's no point in having them in the first place.

you can't shield your kids forever. at this stage it's too late... kids will relentlessly go until they find it and there's nothing you can do about it. you should have taught them earlier WHY certain stuff is bad, and WHY it's not good to look at this stuff instead of saying "because i said so!"

Anonymous said...

It's a good age-check. If you're not old enough to figure out how to bypass Parental Controls then you're not old enough to handle the internet. You might think you're old enough but you're not. Like us you'll get wiser when you get older and will understand then why it's the case.

Anonymous said...

Well my parents also activated parental controls on my user account and changes it to standard user instead of admin -.-" this means that i won't be able to play MMORPGs like Maplestory and also visit sites like blogs and youtube etc. Any method to bypass this thing? I've tried activating the system admin using command propmt but my access is denied as i'm just a standard user.


Thanks a lot in advance! :]

Caleb said...

all ur methods are useless (or barely usefull)

proxy - won't help with most games
linux livecd - parental controls can ban downloads

remote desktop: lame

i think the only way to get rid of parental controls is to crack the admin account with backtrack or chntpw and turn it off.

That Guy said...

If you are having problems installing programs, then try using 7zip to unpack them, if that does not work, use Universal Extractor, and if all else fails, use Ubuntu.

(Before trying this, try to find a zip version of the program, or the binaries. Note: most Mozilla programs will bring up a password box, but then will let you install on your account when you cancel the box.)

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Here's a novel idea...just be honest trustworthy individuals. Kids, your parents wouldn't have the parental controls on if they felt they could trust you. Students, the restrictions at school are so you will focus on your schoolwork and...doh!...learn something (and judging from the horrid spelling on this site you need it). Adults, employers block sites to keep the honest people honest. If you trying to get around then, you are dishonest and don't deserve whatever pay they are giving you. Do the general workforce a favor and quit your job so someone worthy can have it. I am sure the local McDonalds will take you. This is what is wrong with our many idiots trying so hard to figure out ways to get around the system that they don't realize how sweet life is when you live within the system.

Weilong said...

Ok guys Ive read these comments and I'm laughing my head off. XP is so easy to get admin access, etc. Vista is extremely hard, if not impossible for a kid with little or no knowledge of how these computers function. The easiest way is to download something like John The Ripper or L0phtCrack and use a Linux boot to get the SAM file from your System32/config folder and save it to a flash drive. Then you can use L0phtCrack to crack the password hash from the SAM file. Once the program finishes cracking the file it will tell you the username/password of every account on that computer. Just log in as an admin, go into the control panel and give your account admin rights. Hope I helped.

Anonymous said...

My comment is this. I agree with the guy who said some of you need to go back to school and concentrate on learning, because your spelling and grammar need help. Also, I have parental controls on my computer to not only keep my children from being able to go to websites and game sites they shouldn't be going to, but to keep them from showing up unsolicited. I don't need people like you telling them how to bypass them. Why would you do that? All these posts from these kids on here that are deceiving their parents are just pathetic.

justastic said...

Heres a question, what if someone used a bootable version of linux and deleted all the perental controls programs and executables.

ps: someone try nicos commander??

heres the site:

Anonymous said...

I expected young people to know more about computers than most parents. I am surprised to see so few comments from technically capable young people.

You could run Linux in a virtual machine.

Anonymous said...

ok i have a major problem.... my parents blocked basically everything i love to visit, like mayspace, gaiaonline, yahoo, youtube. etc... but i have used proxy and yes it gets me to the website, what my problem is , is logining on to my accounts, its not working at all, and i dont want my parents to find out i have a way around their blocks. also its saying my java script is not working when i try to use aim. please help! =[

Nofew said...

The complete guide to bypassing parental control:

WARNING: This guide has been typed at 1:30 in the morning. Typos may gather in mass. Also, I am not responsible for your parents yelling at you, or your little brother reading this and totally destroying your computer. You've been warned.

Requirements: Online access in any way shape or form for at least ten minutes on a broadband connection.

Step one: Download a SMALL Linux distro (Google Puppy Linux or DamnSmallLinux).

Step two: Burn it to any media the locked PC can boot off of (Or make a USB stick. This process varies depending on the distro, and not all comptuers can boot off of USB)

Step three: Boot the distro, connect to the Internet and download OPHcrack.

Step four: Burn that, boot it, be patient.

Step five: Write down any admin passwords.

IF NONE ARE FOUND: download another rainbow table, use common sense. If you can't figure out where to put it or how to use it, you deserve to be locked down.

Step six: Log into the admin account

Step seven: click start, control panel, classic view (On the top left), parental controls.

Step eight: Go nuts, but don't change too much or your parents might catch on.

Step nine: Log into your account.

Step ten: Have fun.

Nofew said...

A note to parents: There's only certain times parental control should be used. Only use it if your child doesn't understand how important it is to have a secure computer, is young (Under eight years old) or exactly twelve years old (Believe me..).

Parental control is meant to be a baby sitter while you're gone. It's great for kids who don't understand how important it is to be safe online, but for kids that are more mature, it's very important to keep it turned off (Or on, but just have it log them). The more you try to hold them back, the more they say "just watch me". If you really don't trust your kid and think they're watching adult videos, playing bloody games, have a homosexual relationship or anything like that then sit down and talk with them. Don't run from the problem, confront it and try to get on equal ground. It's not a problem to be homosexual, we're not addicted to dirty things and bloody games don't cause wars.

The only way to be a good parent is to be actively involved in your child's life. If you let an inanimate object do the babysitting, they're going to dislike you. They won't understand why you're restricting them, and if they do they'll just shove freedom in your face when they read this.

If you think your child's doing something "bad" (homosexuality, mature games, etc), talk about it. It's their decision, you can't control them forever and you'd rather have them cry at your funeral instead of saying "good riddence", right?

If you think they're doing something illegal (Like pirating, blackhat hacking, etc), put parental control on logging mode. To do this, just start it but don't add any restrictions. If you can find proof they're doing these things, talk to them. If they keep doing it, then block it. Try to find out why they're doing it. I know some pirates who do it because some features are locked in the demo version and they want to try them out before making a purchase. I know some blackhats who only hack when they need to, like when they accidentally send someone the wrong file or an email they shouldn't have.

If you think your child has a bad addiction, again, start with logging, Check to make sure they're spending too much time on the subject, and TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT! They might be doing it because they need to distract themself from something going on in school, something their brother or sister is doing, or something you said a year ago (You'd be amazed how much one word can do to us far down the road). If they really can't get over it, then try to ween them off of it. Try to make a plan, but DON'T limit their access. Keep logging and talking. If you block them, very bad things WILL happen. You need to teach them responsibility, and putting barriers around them isn't the way to do it.

Keep in mind, timing means a lot. Don't try to snap them out of an addiction to gore if they're currently shooting someone's head off. Wait until they're just finishing dinner and wash the dishes with them or something. It makes a much larger impact.

Nofew said...

A note to kids: Don't be afraid to talk to your parents. Sometimes they block you for no reason, in which case you should talk with them. If they keep blocking you and don't give you any good reasons, then follow the directions above at your own risk. Those kinds of parents can be very unpredictable. I honestly feel sorry for you if you have one or two of those. The pain's unbearable.

If they do have good reasons (Or for that matter, *any* reason), then try to settle with them. Most of the time they're just worried about losing Little Johnny to the wonders of the New World and big boy undies. A few reassuring words could mean all the difference.

Timing means a lot here, too. You know your parents a lot better than I do, so you should choose when to talk. I woke my dad up at three in the morning when I realized I needed help, and everything turned out okay. For some people, that might be a good idea. For others, that might just make him angry.

Well, it took me 25 minuets to write this, and another eight to proof-read. As such, I'm tired. Goodnight!

Anonymous said...

ummm i got a new laptop with fucking parental controls i am 15 she blames me for the main computer crashin but she did something to it i restarted it and it didnt work. plzzz if u have a way to get around parental controls easily.... email me!!!

Anonymous said...

So I'm 14, and I've had parental controls on for over a year. They suck. They're ridiculous.

I learned how to bypass YouTube. If you click on a link that leads to one of YouTube's pages and parental controls blocks it, type in 'kr.' without the quotes.
ex. is blocked. Backspace 'www.' and replace it with 'kr.' Also, 'jp.' will work. ;] Happy hunting.

Nofew said...

The preceding comment is risky. There's many web prefixes, such as www., news, www2, secure and so on. Replacing it with kr or jp may open the browser up to receiving malicious data due to handling protocols differently. Also, smart parents will block "" instead of "", thus preventing that method from working.

Technophobic translation: Don't do what the guy above me said. You could get hacked.

Lino said...
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Anonymous said...

hey yeah, when i do this elevated command prompt and type in net user administrator active yes, it says this thing something like
username, password, domain and crap... what do i do?

justastic said...

use icloud

its an online opperating system
(dosent have proxy bypass for web though) internet restrictions are easy to bypass heres a site with fresh proxy lists

justastic said...

also if your a parent trying to say that we can get things earned for being trust worthy just stop, don't even start with the whole trust and bullshit i went here to see how easy Microsoft did on parental controls not to read about being a "Goodie two shoes". we are here to discuss hacking basically, i have had some expereance with vista parental controls and found some holes.
also i have hacked my school district's computer system with success (though got suspended for it) it really piss me off when we are to the age of being responsible for our selves and mommy and daddy have to put logs and restrictions on there kids the more logs and restrictions people put on me the more i say "just watch me" so shut up parents; unless its about hacking your school or windows parental controls im sorry if im being mean.

Were Here to Hack and Im Here to Help the Best I Can

Anonymous said...

Parental Controls is just a sign of a bad parenting job... The only reason my parents come up with, for putting the parental conrtol restrictions on my computer is "because I said so". Im having a problem with using a java based game, its been restricted on my CP, obviously proxies dont work for java based games, anyone have any ideas that will help me out? It would be much appreciated. Im not to savy with computer language, so if theres a simple way of phrasing it to a not so tech-savy person, that would be great. (By the why the parental controls unit put on my CP, which is a HP Pavilion (Windows Vista), is Webroot Parental Controls, which was set up by a member of the "Geek Squad") so if any of you know a way to bypass that certain system for a java based game, it would be great. (By the way, for all the hater parents out there, I am rescourcefull of my time, spend time with friends, family, and make straight A's in school, once yu get a certain age kids/teens should be able to manage their time on their own. So if you dont have a good reason as Parent to set restrictions, don't, and "Because I said so", isnt a good reason. For those type of parents I recomend the book for "Parenting for Dummies" you should try it out maybe it'll help.

Thanks in advance, I'll be checking site for replies for any of those who ca help me with my current situation.

Ray-lynn said...

Anonymous said...
a question for anyone brave enough to answer it...

if your parents set up a filter/time limit/application restrictions, why do you want to hack them? *might* it be a good thing that your parents don't want you to watch porn videos and waste your life away on your stupid computer?

hmmmm... just wondering...

welllllllll i'm not saying blocking the harmful stuff is wrong but when there are things like maybe fanfiction then out of nowhere google itself is blocked something needs to be done.

ANywho can someone explain again like step by step so i dont screw something up? like if you go to safemode in Vista one of the admins wont have a pass? and you can get in?

123 123 said...

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Anonymous said...

hi i also need big help. the only websites i could get on is and downloads and installs are blocked, and they have the pc logging everything. i also cant play games. im 15 years old and i think this is fricken rediculous. i dont need to get past parental controls to do anything but download email attachments, play a game every once in a while, and check my facebook.

Anonymous said...

For me, i want to hack it. Iknow im close or really off. What i am doing right now is using a proxy. But i don't use passwords or none of that. Also, CMD prompt won't let you do nothing if your a standard. I suggest using an old laptop. (I got one from a school store. Bout 500 in there. But it sucks badly) Best thing ive done is watch my mom as she puts in the password for admin.

speedymd07 said...

ok kids
i need help i got a used computer the administrator password was on my computer to start with but i was abale to git on the kids access with no password. I need to git the parental controls off.
I meen im 22 yrs old how dum is that!!
Im not allowed to download or install, it has has a set time to turn off and a certain time to be able to turn back on, how do I get around all those?
plz e-mail me at:

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please help me aswell?
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

place a camera so it has a view of the keyboard and turn it on right before your parents type the password. then just watch the tape of them typing the password =)

justastic said...

ok everyone I found a password hacking software and as long as your parents havent blocked your bios from booting into anything then your fine.

use a bootable called Konboot to reset or hack a password

Anonymous said...

To Override a Password: Tap F1 repeatedly while the PC is starting up; this will take you to a menu screen. Here you'll want to turn on Safe Mode. While you can't do ordinary things like surf the Web while in Safe Mode, one thing you can do is make several changes to your computer. Go to User Accounts in the Control Panel, and choose the password-protected account you wish to override. It should be fairly simple from there. Once you remove the password, exit Safe Mode (restart), and you're home free.(;

Anonymous said...

Forgive me; it's F8, actually--not F1. But it works, I promise you.

Anonymous said...

Also, I should add:
For those of you looking to bypass the Internet security settings to watch porn, and things such as that...I'm deeply ashamed. This is exactly why my parents often don't trust me, and the same goes for all teenagers. You make them think we all do these things, and it's wrong. Not that I'm self-righteous or anything; I've had my share of slip-ups. We all have. But really--porn's disgusting. Is it really worth all this?
For everyone else: Ever try just talking to your parents? =/

Anonymous said...

This is weird...
I am a parent. I got a new laptop. I created an admin account, put parental controls on the regular user account. Then went to my wife, showed her how, and had her change the password on the admin account to something I don't know. What the &%^&!!!???
Here's why. It's not that I don't trust my kids. I love them and have awesome talks with them every day. Not a day goes by that I don't tell each one of them that I love them and am proud of them. I think they are pretty crazy about me too.
I was looking for the proper dosage of tylenol for my 5 year old. Google gave me a link titled "pediatric tylenol dosage". When I clicked it, I got an XXX rated site. I was looking for a picture of Michael Jordan sinking a free throw with his eyes closed. When I clicked some of the links I got in the search, I got XXX rated sites. I don't want that crap for myself or for the beautiful ones God has entrusted to me (ages 13, 11,7, 4).
I am a man and sometimes tempted to be unfaithful to my wife with my eyes and mind. I don't want that either. I want a relationship with her in which we are it for each other - sexually, no gratification of any kind, except from each other. So if I want that I have to be willing to give that.
So I set up the parental controls on myself and my kids.
I have hit some sites that are blocked, that I needed. One was a site for a college class I am taking. I went to my wife, asked her to put in the password to unblock that site. She could see on the window what I was asking her to unblock. She typed in the password while I turned my face away.
A few times I've needed to install or uninstall something. Recently had to change our virus protection software. It was a pain to have to go to her and ask her to type in the password, and turn my face away, on the uninstall of the old software and the install of the new. But not as big a pain as downgrading the love relationship I have with my wife, or the pain of having my kids exposed to perverts on the internet. I trust my kids. I do not trust the thousands of idiots who will impose trash on you any way they can.
So, solutions for you all. If you have a semi-decent relationship with your parents or kids, talk to them, have the parental controls set, put the laptop down, and go get an ice-cream cone at McD's together. Unless your dad is a total goober, he will respond if you sit him down and talk honestly about wanting more time with him and more relationship with him rather than the computer. And I promise you, you do too. Relationship - it is what we humans were made for.

Nofew said...

Parental controls on Vista aren't made to block out sites like that; they're meant to blacklist or whitelist sites. If you want to block out certain kinds of sites, try using OpenDNS and clear all your browser's caches on all accounts, or use Net Nanny. Both of them have options to filter out *known* adult sites, sites about hate groups, social networking sites, etc. They're pretty customizeable, too.

Anonymous said...

You might want to be warned even after managing to give yourself admin privlages parental controls can still be activated. Try removing your parent's admin privlages, and that should work :D If you get a chance.

Anthony said...

Hey I just want to run this stupid setup file so I can play Age Of Empires but Parental Controls wont let me do that. Somebody PLEASE help this game is way too beast to not be played.



Nofew said...

Have you thought about asking your parents?

Pavlo said...

Use Kon Boot to bypass passwords and log in to administrator account. Install it on a CD, Floppy or my favorite - USB drive. (if you install on USB drive, you will need to patch it after installation using this HACK: ) To install on CD, just burn the ISO image to disc using ISO recorder, CDBurnerXP, Roxio, Nero or any similar app. To isnatll it on a floppy is much harder. I havent tried that. To install on flash drive write the FLOPPY DISK IMAGE NOT THE ISO to a flash drive using unetbootin. then run the patch. Note: the patch has a glitch in its self-check software and it will tell you that one of the files is corrupted. This is normal, ignore that. Then you have to boot from the flash drive , slect KonBoot, then hit enter, then after you are returned to the boot menu, select first hard disk. Windows will now boot, and you can access password protected accounts without a password, or with gibberish for a password - windows simply ignores passwords.

Anonymous said...

A risky way of doing this I going onto your contol panel and searching reset passord and you get a wizard that you install onto a flash drive which let's you reset your password. Now log off and incorrectly guess the admins password and click reset password, it will bring up the wizard and ask you where it is, and it should be on your flashdrive you already have plugged in, and just fill in the new password and hint and boom your done. This only woks if your parents don't actually use the computer anymore therefore there is no need for them to log on.
Have fun guys.

Nofew said...

Doesn't that require you to know the password in the first place? I believe you need administrator privileges to create a reset disc for another account.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a nerd but would using a brute force hacker work on my admin account help me my e-mail is

Nofew said...

First of all, the term is "geek". "Nerd" is offending.

Second, yes, it would, but you'd need permission to run the file. You might need permission to burn a disc to boot and run the OS, too. It depends on your situation.

The passwords are encrypted. Basically, cracking them will take more than going "Is this the password? no? Is this it? no?". Without a rainbowtable, it'll take a ridiculously long time. Using OPHcrack would work, but you'd need to figure out how to explain it to your parents and if you're not used to doing anything above clicking "crack", then this isn't for you.

In short: Off the bat, no. It's possible, but the procedure would probably get you in more trouble or defeat the purpose of using the program in the first place. Why not ask your parents instead?

Anonymous said...

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Brian said...

Okay so, im 17 and my parents thought it would be cool to put parental controls on my own laptop I purchased with my hard-earned money. And I can't download anything, have limited privileges, and don't know the password to my parent's admin user.

I have already tried to hack with command prompt and such, but it's useless without having the admin password or privileges.

So I ask you...Is there a way to crack the password without downloads or knowing the administrator password?

E-mail me at:

Nicholas Bos said...

Alright, for all the generation X'ers, I understand where you're coming from. The people who wish to do bad things on their computer deserve to have Parental Controls on their accounts, however, there are many of us who wish to do completely fine things.

I am the geekiest kid on earth. I do nothing but code. However, I have a problem, because I cannot download (a compiler) I can only use scripting and interpreted languages (which makes me look like a kiddie on forums...).

All I personally want to do is give myself validity in the scripting community (remember the most recent pythons have to be downloaded, so I'm really stuck with batch and wsh... which sucks). Last year we had 2 viruses hit our computer. These were father downloaded these but later decided (because of all the script kiddies claiming they could hack with cmd) that I must have written the viruses, and therefore increased my limitations.

I use my mother's account to download homework (she doesn't have a password). I'm an honest kid, and though I wan't to download a thousand things (notepad++, c++ IDE, java IDE, ect...) on my mother's account I won't, but it's killing me inside and I feel on the border of just going into BIOS and holding the computer hostage...

I've tried talking to my father, but he never keeps his end of the deal (the deal was for every two a's I get on a test I can download). The one time I got him to he seemed reluctant to.

I'm at breaking point and unless someone helps me, somehow- I don't know how, I think I might just destroy the computer...

Anonymous said...

Simple solution for every problem here.
Go outside and play.
Most parents lock that stuff up because it's a waste of time, and the internet is full of pervs, loosers and trash.

Nofew said...

Such as yourself?

How else do you find this unless you're looking for it.. I hate spineless, immature twelve year olds like you. Go follow your own "advice", if you can call it that.

Anonymous said...

Please help me, my parents got me a laptop with parental controls and i want them off. if anyone can help, email me.

Anonymous said...

You guys probably won't like this. But a smart administrator can just put a bios password to prevent booting off external devices, and padlock the machine so you can't pop the CMOS.
What can you do then?

Nofew said...

That's off topic since we're talking about bypassing Vista's parental controls, not about bypassing a system administrator with a brain. Regardless..

Some BIOS devices can be reset to default settings by letting the CMOS run out of power. Simply unplug the computer (and remove the battery) for a few years to achieve this.

Alternatively, you can apply some kind of shock in an attempt to reset it in a similar fashion, but you have a pretty good chance of blowing up the BIOS or other parts of the computer in the process.

Another alternate is to see if you can use Firewire to hack through it. You'd be amazed what Firewire is /really/ for. Google "Firewire debugging" a bit and you'll see what I mean.

Now we get tricky. When you type, the keyboard makes a quiet electrical sound. This sound is slightly different for every key. There's microphones that are meant to be stuck near a computer to record those sounds, then play them back on another computer to get what was typed. Said microphones are really, really tiny. I think the CIA uses them, but I'm not sure if you can get one, or the software.. But it's totally possible to do it without software. It just takes a little longer and requires some brain power. Hey, if the admin's smart, why not use your brain?

It can also be achieved with a standard recording device, but, you obviously need to make sure its inconspicuous. I'm not sure how you'd do that. If you want to avoid trouble, be creative. Make it like a game so the sysadmin laughs instead of giving you the death glare. It's kinda creepy how well games work, and what a really ticked off sysadmin looks like..

Oh, I just now understood what you meant by "padlock" (Sorry, early morning)

Ever hear of lock picking? Locks are stupid. They give you a nice sense of false security, like WEP. You can take both down in five minutes or less, easy. Personally I like making bump keys the most since they keep the lock intact and usable, but if you're in a rush some bolt clippers would work just fine.

I refer to lock picking as "physical hacking". Amaze your friends, just remember who like, totally coined that phrase first <.<..

Blade said...

Note To Parents: Parental Controls isnt your backup plan like you say it is. It IS your plan. And if you now know all the ways to get around PC, are you going to check all these files and CD's every time you get on your son/daughter's laptop?

It will tkae you ages and when we see you on our laptop/cpu, i bet they would wanna know what the hell you're doing.

We kids that give you happinness and joy and you do this to thank us? Sure, we go out and you take us to parties and outings with our friends, but we would think you would try to let us have a go at responsibility.

Have you even given us a chance to prove we can be trusted before you put PC on?

We want to trust you, trust me, we really do. But to see you going through our laptop, makes it hard. Once we know that you trust us, we wouldn't have all these blogs and FAQ's about this type of stuff. We wouldn't have to think to find or create programs like this.

Anonymous said...

whats a proxy that no matter what it will let u get in.. because my stupid parent controls block any site that's not registered as a book mark so if u got any sites give me some

Anonymous said...

How do you download stuff from the internet with parental controls on? I've tried (a GREAT proxy that lets you do almost anything except for download) and several other proxies but none of them let me download anthing. Please help.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, i know this is a bit off topic, but i found this website called Now i know, it sounds corny, but it actually works (without a proxy) and if you think about it, how hard would it be to try to hack an upside-down password? Just sayin. Take it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

For the person who asked for a "proxy that no matter what it will let you get in," you just type in https:// before the proxy. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

how do you boot to a CD when the bios has a password?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that most of these ways will be detected if your parent actually views the activity reports on parental controls? They can record:
- system clock changes
- changes in parental control settings
- account changes
- file downloads
- blocked file downloads
They also record, in case anyone's wondering:
- top 10 websites visited
- most recent 10 websites blocked
- web overrides
- log-on times and dates
- applications run
- application overrides
- games played
- E-mail's sent and recieved
- IM's sent and recieved
- what media (such as movies or music) was played
- failed log-on attempts
My Mom put a total ban on all computer usage until I "proved I was worthy of the privilege", and it has been two months and I still am not "worthy". She reads the activity reports too. There are no uncontrolled users except for her's, which I do have the password to and have been using. The only problem is she actually uses her user, and I'm afraid she will find a sign that I have been on it. It also would be nice to have access to my old files and favorites. If anyone has suggestions, that would be appreciated!

Anonymous said...

wat if DOWNLOADS ARE BLOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will the ophcrack thing work with a zip drive? My disk reader doesnt work.

Anonymous said...

lol my parents put on parental controls and im 13 no i dont watch porn, but i just go on my x box 360 or my ps3 or my nintendo dsi like i am now and go on the internet from here retards lolz

Anonymous said...

lol my parents put on parental controls and im 13 no i dont watch porn, but i just go on my x box 360 or my ps3 or my nintendo dsi like i am now and go on the internet from here retards lolz

Anonymous said...

how do you stop them tracing what you have done on the internet without looking suspicous does deleting your web history work?

domenic said...

Ok guys I'm 12 and my parents thought it would be cool to put parental controls on "allow by list only" and I have been a programmer since obout 8. I write batch files , vbs and all that crap and it is really hard to bypass parental controls. I really need help because most of the stuff above me dosen't work or it requires admin password. So if anyone can help contact me at

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is posted before. i dont know about vista but in my job the administrator has blocked facbook with parental controll in router.
i found a way to open facebook.
i downloaded a program called Hotspot Shield and with this u connect to a website that connect u with facebook so u are not directly connected with facebook or any other site that has been blocked. this works for me and i'm playing zynga poker while no one in my job can do it.

domenic said...

Gol shit holy shit holy shit WTF. So I cracked the old password on my computer about a year ago and they found out. Now the password is changedbut only on MY computer so I went on my mom's laptop and downloaded ophcrack... It didn't work it went right to windows WTF
Puppee Linux WTF didn't work either
My disk reader word fine what am I doing wrong
P.S. Most software is pure shit but some do work and never make your password Akira01

Dan Jackson said...

@domenic It seems to me that you will need to change the boot order of the devices on you BIOS. Just go to your BIOS find the boot order and put CD/DVD drive to the top of the list... should work if the BIOS isn't password locked.

domenic said...

No I have no BIOS password but I already set it to DVD/CD first but I think I know the problem. Ophcrack is on a DVD and not a Cd or does it make a difference? Anyway thanks.

A new way to bypass it

Open CJD ( assuming you know how to open it)
type this: Cmd runas net user (admin username here)
if it asks for a password you can't do this but if it doesn't do the net user admin * thing

Jessica said...

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Anonymous said...

All i want is the new flash player so i can go on youtube (for music) and hulu (for my anime). My parents absoluetly WILL NOT take 5 minutes to type the password and its KILLING ME.
I dont have admin access and i cant download any hack software
I cant download THEN extract because thats the problem. I Cant Download.
How, please tell me, anyone, to download something without the need of a parental control password.
Commant prompt will give me an access denied response no matter what i do.

alina said...

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EmiyaChiChi said...

ok i have a question....HOW do all of you parents find these sites and WHY are you commenting on them?

p.s. i need admin password to play mmos like fiesta and aika. any actual ideas, mail me at that's all i need it for (i swear!)

fucked up said...

let this program have control over my whole computer?? do me a fover, go up to your room and FUCKURselves!!!!!!!!

UrbanGangsta said...

Yo! I've gutta way to bypass dis B.S, I'm 18 Nd When I Started Mi Account On My Family Computer, I Automatically Set Mi Own Accout To Administrator! (Only Works If Ya Have A Family Account As The Only Admin Account With NO PASSWORD!), If You Have A Computer With A Free Family Admin Account, Try Hacking Into That And Creating Your Own Account, Although Make Sure You Select Administrator: YO DO NOT SELECT STANDARD ACCOUNT! SELECT ADMINISTRATOR!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny to read this dumb spoilt kids ranting and whining or how we are bad parents because we blocked their internet access! LOL!

Well son, have you ever considered that we did teach you that watching porn is bad, that drugs are bad, that downloading illegal movies, music and software is bad...


This is why we parents love our parental control software for you dumb fuck kids who try to be sneaking or savvy behind our backs when we have better things to do than looking over your stinky shoulders to see what you are up to.


Halofire said...

You know... not everybody here watches porn, gets drugs, etc. xD

I'd just like to actually be able to do something on my computer. Virtually everything on my computer except IE, Microsoft products, and Paint/Notepad are blocked. Seriously. I log in and I get 18 pop-ups of things Parental Controls has blocked. It's insane. And all I really want to do is play a game or two, or open up Photoshop and do some art for money. I mean come on. At least give me that.

Alright, I'll admit most young people in my generation are doing these things which, in my opinion, really should be blocked... not like you're teaching them any maturity or self-control by making them want to find ways around this stuff, hence this ENTIRE CONVERSATION.

Additionally, most of the people doing that stuff are guys and prostitutes. I am neither. I hate not being able to anything on my computer. But stop stereotyping everybody if you're going to yell at us.

Also, if you're going to curse us out and call us names, at least do it properly. And it's nice to know that you use such terms if you're saying things like "we parents"... I feel so extremely sorry for your children.

And don't tell me you've never done one bad thing in your life. Just don't. I'm sure even you kept lying when you broke the rules, or snuck off with somebody you liked, or such, and yet you play the hypocrite and breathe down our necks. What an example.

By the way, don't pretend you're smart in blocking these things. When you're as geeky and computer science savvy as my friends and I, you'll know that there's always a way around these things. I, however, would rather not screw my computer up more than it already is. Proxies, downloads from other computers, and much, much, much more can easily slip past your attempts.

Thank you and have a nice day.

James said...

OK I need help. I am a video editor and have programs downloaded but can't install them thanks to parental controls. My dad got a lap top at Christmas and forgot his password for the regular computer I need away around his control so I can finish my videos. So if you would please e-mail me at

Thanks a ton.

Anonymous said...


If no one here does anything bad, then no one here should be complaining about the bad things that are blocked. If you got a specific website or program that you need unblocking, go talk to your parents.

The bad stuff is blocked for a reason. It's for your best interest. To make you better people when you grow up.

Respect your parents and play by their rules, whether you like it or not.

I was "yelling" out to those spoilt brats who are chatting shit on here and bickering against their parents.

My kids are no where bad as kids who have trashed out on this page. They know the rules and we live happily, and in harmony with no quarrels or arguments. They respect and obey us, and we do the same to them. :)

And for your information, not everyone in the world is "evil" the way you put it, in trying to justify yourself. There are millions of people out there who don't do anything bad, who are well-mannered, who commit no crime, who don't swear, who don't watch tv, don't smoke, don't drink and don't chase girls etc. and they respect their elders.

So don't stereotype the whole world into evil. The only ones who are evil are ones who see evil in others in order to justify themselves. That's what hypocrisy is.

And as innocent as you may sound, your cheeky remark on how we are acting smart and giving us threats on how you'll find ways around the blocks just blew your cover away.

John said...

Nice blog ! Haha , time to hack my bros computer. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Full of fluff, aren't you, sir two posts above?

"So don't stereotype the whole world into evil. The only ones who are evil are ones who see evil in others in order to justify themselves. That's what hypocrisy is."

Isn't that exactly what you're doing? Respect is earned, not inherited. You don't deserve any. How will forcing your children be reliant on their parents make then better people in the future?

Anonymous said...

May I recommend that you get some command prompt skills and hope that your parents are stupid enough to leave out the admin out for a few minutes. then copy and rename cmd (command prompt) to a program that you can use. That might bypass the log picking up anthyng wrong (hopefully) so you can use your cmd skills you learned to do whatever you want.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi basically my dad put so many parental controls on that i cant even run something like World Of Warcraft because he has blocked the website or something like that (i have a basic knowledge of computers + stuff like that but not totally grade A* at computers)HELP! anyway past this?Email me at please as ill end up forgetting the website or something thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Why not use safe mode and put wpc on their acount??

Lindasy Rosenwald said...

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Anonymous said...

I think its stupid that parents put locks on my computer in the first place. I'm 17 and the only thing they left on the was the downloading lock and the time limits. I'm trying to be a music producer and these blocks SERIOUSLY restrict what i need to do with downloading VST's, .rar files (since my dad "cleaned" out the computer and DELETED ALL OF MY PROJECTS and FUCKING WINRAR.)

this is the most infuriating thing and ive talked with them that im almost an adult and i can handle myself on here. its so frustrating. I waiting until they leave the admin account unlocked then im taking care of this issue once and for all

Anonymous said...

if you want to look at a file from anouther user just follow these instructions

1.go to your hard disk users click the person you want to look at
3.find the file

Anonymous said...

Need to access a website that's blocked? Easy. Open cmd.exe (if you can't find it, do a search in the start menu), then type "tracert" then type a space and put the web address. It will show an ip address on screen, type that address into the URL spot on your browser. It should pull up the blocked site.

ParentsCanGoFuckThemselves said...

Ok so there are glitches in the vista parental controls. No I am not a porn addicted 14 year old. (I am 14) one of the glitches I have seen is no time limits. It says it will log you off, but it won't. The reason I think they placed HARSHER restrictions (I can download but not exe files) is because in year seven me and my friend Jacob crashed my schools network and crashed 7 comps. Well I didn't get caught but he did and he got isolated from the network. I know vbs and bat scripting and am pretty good at it. Keylogging them is a basic way but now my fat @ss dad has made everything harder. Like I can't open notepad. I asked her and she was all like you would spend all day on it and shit.

ParentsCanGoFuckThemselves said...

Haha when my dad was changing my times I noticed that it was collecting usage data soo ~ I got the keylogger I made and now he is the one being watched. Gf dad

Anonymous said...

Just open command prompt, type ping x, where "x" is the url. You will get a series of 4 part numbers called "IP addresses". Enter one series into the browser, and you should get access to the site.

Anonymous said...

hi i am a mother of 4 children and was trying to set up parental block for certain websites and somehow i have deleted both accounts on my computer as a administrator i have a box that keeps coming up saying please type in the administrator password but i cant click the box and type anything. how do i add one of the accounts to be a administrator again. the compter as almost every setting on the computer set so i have to type in the administor password. the only thing its blocking on the internet is youtube and and pictures like on craigslist and such. help please email me at

sk8erpizimp said...

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Anonymous said...

I hate my mom's time restrictions on my account. She removed my time on my account for most of the day on weekdays. It really SUCKS!!! And the article says "go on proxy websites" err.. I have a Windows 7 i think. Whenever I try to log in, it doesn't go to my account and there's a popup, it says right on login screen, "your computer has time restrictions for this time, please try again later" HHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPP!

Anonymous said...

For me teaching children how to hack parental control programs is morally wrongful, is the lack of respect for parents teaches children besides contempt of authority, which can have bad consequences for society in the future when these children will be adults themselves. Hacking parental control programs may look innocent expression of youth rebellion, but it has serious consequences as a kid once try to hack might be interested in computer crime on a larger scale, it slippery slope. It's like a kid who, wishing to impress the local bully steals something from the store where these are not punished for it, it may be that theft is better than honest work.
In my humble opinion the most effective way to circumvent parental control programs is to simply ask your parents to turn off the program, show that deserve their trust, it can be a tedious task. Shutting down the program yourself is not a good may result in mutual distrust, no one likes to be cheated

Anonymous said...

OMFG this is just a bunch of bullshit, everyone here is a punk ass kid trying to do some shit, ok fine do what u want like i give a damn, but my case is different, we recently bought a used laptop but it already came with the parental lock, we tried using the cmd and we believe the only way to fix this problem is by reseting the entire laptop, so if anyone can be so kind as to send us a link to download the backup for the "HP Pavilion dv7" i would appreciate it, either here or to the backup mail:

Anonymous said...

please please someone help me. i want to know a way to use the command prompt to learn (NOT change) the parental controls password. admin access is not a prob for me. please help!

Anonymous said...

My parental units mentioned that they had some sort of monitor for our computer, but I think they're somehow monitoring my iPhone4, too. If anyone could help, email me at

Anonymous said...

This is Dragonsong2795 to all you poor kids with parental control Sucked in. I have my own computer with a ADMIN account and my mums lets me do crap the only downside is it's in the lounge room bonus got a laptop

Christopher said...

just make a new folder and copy the following into the folder name:
then press enter and the folder now contains all settings including parental controls

Gael said...

If you are using windows vista and you have time restrictions, restart the computer, press F2 and change the time. You can now login :-P

Gael said...

Hum if you have something great to hack this admin password, without "error 5" or "safe mode" (does'nt work for vista) cause the fact is:
i play computer almost every day, 1 hour a day.And my games are... Blocked.
I need computer access for homeworks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this info. I now know how to stop my child from hacking my parental controls and what I need to lock down! Thanks Again

Anonymous said...

Try starting your adress for internet like https:\\

david cheng said...

The GATEWAY constrains resolvers:

it sets them by DHCP
changes any other ones on the fly to whitelisted resolvers
denies internet to anything else

blocks VPN/proxy protocols

liveDVD boot obviously won't work here

now what?

david cheng said...

resolvers = "DNS servers" [sic]

google account created AS disposable.. how does requiring such help?

embrace Open Standards like

+ shibboleth
+ xmpp texting

@ google fanboiz

you haz been usin both xmpp texting and SIP for some time


it is NOT smart to pay additional costs to message "instantly" in text atop mobile data fees, whether your COSTS are increased monthly bills or RAPED PRIVACY paying COSTS of malware apps offering "free" ancient sms texting

even worse the RAPED PRIVACY for "free" services such as google gmail, google voice, google *, facebook, twitter, et al .................. AS you FEED the monster, then whine all shocked that your NSA-temptation led to NSA-abuse


wake the fück üp

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